DreamscapeFlowerFantasy "Bella" Jigsaw Puzzle

Flower Garden Puzzle BellaTexas Garden Fantasy™ "Bella" is pictured at home in her Texas flower garden tending to her dozens of pink climbing roses.  

She gathers friends around her while they discuss her latest encounter with the new business owner in town! She can only wonder what the handsome stranger was thinking as he lingered by her garden this afternoon. 

Red-haired Bella invites you to share her garden and wonder what the new season will bring to her garden and their small Texas town.

Lorraine is growing flowers
 to fulfill your porch and entryway landscaping dreams.  "We're lovingly caring for young and sprouting flower varieties in the greenhouse to create our famed hanging baskets and containers", says Lorraine.

Enjoy our free online jigsaw puzzle gardens while you imagine the flowers Lorraine is already growing for your 2024 garden dreams.

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