Dreamscape Farms Gardener's Puzzles

Our Texas Gardening Women tell their own stories on their introduction page to welcome you to their garden. An exclusive gardener's delight created for the DreamscapeFarms.com™ community.

Dreamscape's gardens are filled with bright and fragrant flowers, such as marigolds, pansies, petunias, and bluebonnets tended by beautiful heroines from a romantic novel centered around an entranced garden.

Original Stacey Mayer fantasy portrait jigsaw puzzles are made expressly for Lorraine to share with DreamscapeFarms.com™ and friends.

Flower Garden Jennie

Dreamscape Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles

Texas Garden Fantasy™ "Jennie"
lives among beautiful flowers blooming in her carefully tended Texas garden.  

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Flower Garden Caroline

Dreamscape Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles

Texas Garden Fantasy™ Jigsaw Puzzle "Caroline"
 has come to Dreamscape Farms flower garden to meet with Jennie. 

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