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German Sherpherd summer with petuniasFour dogless years later, we welcomed 6-week-old Max into our family. He played with our youngest daughter and. protected our home from wildlife. However, when we moved into a smaller house, we had to rehome Max - a decision that still weighs heavily on our hearts. 

Our search for another "Loose" led us to a new German Shepherd, but we soon realized each dog has its own unique disposition. Despite his compliance and trainability, our neighbors were wary of him, and hidden health issues eventually forced us to euthanize our beloved companion. 

Throughout our journey with German Shepherds, we've been graced with the presence of some incredible females, each bringing their unique qualities and challenges to the table. We quickly learned that without a proper kennel, separating them from the males was quite the task, and their hormones often seemed to have a mind of their own, overshadowing our training efforts.


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