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Follow our Texas adventure as we grow tough container-grown flower and vegetable gardens.

German Shepherds Changed Our Lives

The Indelible Mark German Shepherds Have Left on Our Hearts

In 1972, we traded our cramped apartment for a charming, albeit rundown, house in Edmonds, Washington. Despite its flaws, the house offered sprawling acreage, towering evergreens, and ample space for a vegetable garden - the perfect setting for our new adventure with German Shepherds. 

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Growing Dragon Wing Begonias

Dragonwing begonia leavesDurable Dragon Wing Begonia

It was a scorching summer in 2022, with 57 days of 100+ temperatures. My poor begonias on the covered porch stood no chance - except for the resilient Dragon Wing Begonias. These plants don't just survive the heat; they thrive in it. However, that doesn't mean they can handle full sun. 

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Gardening with Tall Bearded Iris

Experience the Splendor of Tall Bearded Irises in Your Own Backyard

Oh, the captivating beauty of these flowers! When I capture close-up photos of their intricate interiors, they transport me to a cathedral adorned with vibrant stained glass windows. With just five stunning blooms, you can create a breathtaking wedding arrangement by simply adding a touch of fern or baby's breath. The colors are truly mesmerizing - from afar they appear solid, but up close they dazzle like snow diamonds. 

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Beginning Again in Texas

Starting Over: A New Beginning in Texas

Welcome to the start of something I've been meaning to kick off for quite some time. Tonight was both simple and meaningful. Our little group, Family Home Evening, gathers to share potluck dinners and conversations on brotherhood, Jesus Christ's ministry, and ways to serve. You might even find a similar group near you! We all bring something to the table – music, cooking, or even sharing plants from the Farmers' Market. 

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Overwintering Hanging Baskets

Saving Your Hanging Baskets

Will my hanging baskets survive frost? What can I do to save my hanging baskets?

Yes! If you take steps to protect them. When freezing or near-freezing temperatures are forecasted, it's time to bring in your hanging baskets early.

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