A blooming mauve iris

Arlington, WA to Madisonville, Texas

Avid gardener Lorraine Smith and her daughter, Eliza Grantham with her husband, Cameron, traveled from their native Seattle area to the quiet and friendly rural farming area near Madisonville, Texas in the late summer of 2021.

Joining them on their trip to the state of Texas was Eliza's beautiful Haflinger mare, Gittle, and their loyal German Shepherd, Ajax. 

Living closer to Lorraine's three grandchildren in Killeen, Texas made the move doubly joyful. She's enjoying gardening in the warmer Texas climate, and her hands and feet are enjoying the summer warmth. The grandchildren visit often and love to spend time gardening with their Grandma. Lorraine is well known for her huge, colorful hanging flower baskets and the everblooming raised bed and container gardens she's created for her family, friends, and real estate clients.

Ajax was soon joined by Cally, and Luna, another young female Shepherd, and now Gittle and the dogs enjoy having green acreage to enjoy every day. Lorraine's new neighbors in Bedias and Madisonville have quickly become friends, and sunny Madisonville is now called home.


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