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Spring Arrivals

Reserve your ornamental grasses & begonias for spring arrival!

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Designing Custom Flower Gardens

We are your local Madison County source
 for live flower arrangements, container flower and food gardens, color riot landscaping designs, custom-grown perennial and annual compliments for photo events, flowering photography backdrops, do-it-yourself year-round blooms, and garden texture enhancement.

We love helping you bring your soil alive overnight! Our colorful container gardens are famous for their productivity. A pair of specially selected container gardens of flowering blooms and salad greens make a wonderful and colorful gift. 

We create custom-planted container flower gardens to provide food for the pollinators and to attract hummingbirds. Central Texas is a great place for gardeners! We can help you support our butterflies, wild bees, and hummingbirds with a thoughtfully planned flower garden with honeybees and hummingbirds in mind.

You are invited to reserve your custom container flower gardens for growing flower arrangements for your home, business, weddings, and special occasions, by appointment. Contact me, Lorraine Smith.

Some of what's growing now for the 2022 season;
*Compact Delphiniums
*Dames Rocket Tall
*Sweet Peas
*Wave Petunias - 20 colors

We'll show you how to feed and grow your flowers to attain their optimum height and production.

Attracting hummingbirds is easy when you're growing the right flowers for a hummingbird garden.